The Dance of Magnetic Ballerina


Dance performance
Local: PTL Dance Theatre

Concept, choreography and movement: Andrea Miltnerová
Sound and lighting design: Jan Komárek
Duration: 35 minutes
Production: MOTUS - Alfred in the Courtyard Theatre, Prague.

This dance performance by the acclaimed Czech-English artist is based on movement in the context of moving images and manifold rhythmical musical or sound structures. The magnetic ballerina moves within a minimalistic but diversified space created with the intention of widening the normal perception and experience of the dancing action. The intense choreography of movements merges with a collage of sound sequences, while the interactive lighting design accentuates the non-violent, but partly vulnerable and at times even somewhat disturbing and intentionally offensive concept of the dance performance – which, as a whole, accentuates primarily the dancer’s unusual and uncontainable obsession with movement.

The performance is also part of the programme of the City of Women festival.
Coproduced by Dance Theatre Ljubljana and City of Women.

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