Wioska Małych Ludzi
(The Little People’s Village)

Anna Galas, kolektyw FILMOVI


photo by Adrian Chmielewski (k35 photo)


Secret lights appear in a trunk of an old tree once in a hundred years. This is a sign that small people living inside the trunk wake up from their deep sleep. You must be really attentive to notice at least one of them, but who knows – maybe this night they may decide to come out to meet human eyes? This installation through usage of light that comes from “the inside of the trunk” throughout the window openings may influence the visitor’s imagination, give him/her the feeling that inside the tree there is a place full of vibrant life where small beings flutter at the spiral staircase and where the lamps at the bedside tables cast the light outside the trunk. Only a few of these small people are not preparing for sleeping but enjoy the view of the starry sky.

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