Chmury, Nocni obserwatorzy
(Clouds, Night Observers)

Lighting Guerrilla Laboratory (Tilen Sepič, Katja Paternoster)


photo by Adrian Chmielewski (k35 photo)


What type of light is required by an object? Which results the diffusion of light source will bring? The Clouds project is some kind of a game of light, a magical intervention that transforms the spatial context. It changes the feelings about the relations between what is natural and what is artificial, as well as about the borders between these two sides. Artificial clouds remind us how much we can observe in the sky, and at the same time surprising sounds reflect the surrounding city space. Tilen Sepič, multimedia artist, has prepared puzzling and unique installation for us. The Night observers installation brings us closer to the life of wild animals in a city. The artist presents these animals as a series of light objects through which she tries to pay our attention to their secret existence. The animals that hide in secret nooks during daylight creep undetectably into the human settlements at night.

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