SPECTRUM 14 | 15, is a program funded with support from the European Commission which aims to enhance the art of light in public spaces.

It is a European cooperation of five European countries that invite artists to submit artworks of light, including the local communities in an educational and participatory perspective. Abolishing socio-cultural barriers and ensuring cost-free access to the artworks presented by the different countries allows the capture of new audiences.

SPECTRUM 14 | 15 partner countries are Portugal, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Finland and Poland, and it is expected that more than 1.2 million Europeans will watch the magic of light materialized into stunning works.

With the Portuguese studio Ocubo leading the project for the second consecutive year, the common thread is the inclusion and participation of the citizens that help give body to the artworks.

The LUMINA Light Festival 2014 integrates ten of those participatory artworks that contribute to developing proximity and cementing a new way to experience art and culture.


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